Thursday, November 02, 2017

I'm not feeling great - I just want a coffee

The person behind the counter at the coffee shop asked, “How are you today?” I smiled and quietly answered, “I’m good.” I simply wanted a coffee without the song and dance. However, she was determined to convert me to feeling “great”.

I appreciated her enthusiasm but I didn’t want to play the game of pretending to “feeling great” to satisfy her. She didn’t relent. She repeated her mantra that “you should start the day by feeling great” a few times. Each time she repeated her mantra I was annoyed more.

I don’t buy coffee to be told how I should feel. Whether or not I feel great at that moment is none of your business. As your customer I appreciate that you might feel great. In fact I expect a positive response from you when I approach the counter.

She didn’t thank me for my business – which would have been welcomed.

That means that I left the counter feeling annoyed.

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