Thursday, August 11, 2016

Fast Food Flyer Distribution

These flyers with coupons arrived in my mailbox last week, (early August). Often we immediately discard these flyers. We kept these because there are the occasional summer jaunts and we might enjoy a sandwich, burger or breakfast.

When I examined them I discovered that all the coupons expired months ago.

And yes, I did need to examine then with a magnifying glass while also wearing my reading glasses. The fine print was that tiny. Imagine my embarrassment or indignation if I had presented one of these expired coupons to the cashier at the fast-food restaurant.

When I pulled them out of the mailbox I remembering thinking, “These promotions usually arrive in January or February.”

There were at least two flaws in this promotion. The first is the timing which I will address in this post. The second issue is the design of the flyer, which I might address in another post.

These coupons expired May 8, 2016 – three months ago.

Mr. Sub
These coupons expired April 24, 2016 – more than three months ago.
At least you could read the expiring date without a magnifying glass.

Burger King
These coupons expired Feb 28, 2016 – more than five months ago.

These coupons expired February 7, 2016 – six months ago.

What are the questions that might pop into your mind while examining these coupons?

Did the flyer distributor screw up? Did they hold on to these flyers for at least six months and then decide to distribute them six months later?

Did A&W, Mr, Sub, Burger King and McDonalds discover that they had left over flyers – then decide to distribute them even though the offers had expired?

Where those fast-food restaurants using the same ad agency that was trying to get an extra bump from this promotion?

Why didn’t any of the parties notice that the coupons had expired? Did they even consider the backlash of those embarrassing exchanges?

You might even wonder, “How could the people at A&W, Mr Submarine, Burger King and McDonalds have been so negligent?

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