Saturday, December 20, 2014

Think Outside the Book

Think outside the Book
Creative Thinking beyond the Box

That’s clever and effective marketing from the Burlington library.

1.     They took a tired phrase “Think Outside the Box” and twisted it to suit their message.

2.     They displayed an image of a young couple enjoy reading together.

3.     The couple is reading on a tablet to demonstrate the digital services available.

4.     This ad is on the side of their truck which means no monthly ad fees.

5.     The colours at the top of the image are eye-catching.

If you are still thinking outside the box - you are NOT thinking. You're simply repeating.
Think Outside the Book

Bravo Burlington Public Library!

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Ton Bosma said...

Yes, you'r absolutely right but I would like to give some feedback:

- Books is almost unreadable, the positioning could better imho

-it's not clear at first sight who is what trying to communicate. Search search search oh yes, there it's is the public library.. a yes what is their message...euh...mmmm ow wait yes they got some digital services, or are they selling tabloids?

This is not to offend, but just my profane, perception.

Isn't this just common (automotive) marketing. You see this everywhere in European countries.


Ton Bosma

Ballantine said...

Very effective. I have heard the line "think outside the box" so much that it makes me recoil. This was a very imaginative and effective variation.

WPamplify said...

I think this is great. Simple yet effective marketing that takes a tired phrase and breathes new life into it.

Piterson said...

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