Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Power Marketing Tip #61: How to Build a More Productive Network

How to Build a More Productive Network

There are many theories and misunderstandings about networking. Let’s shed some clarity on the subject and remove some of the stress.

Should you network?

That’s the wrong question. The right question is “How can you network more productively?”

The short answer is to network with the right people and follow a simple yet effective networking system.

The most common mistake is to believe that your network should be composed of potential customers, i.e. prospects. There might be some prospects in your network but don’t build your network on that hope.

Instead build your network with people who might introduce or refer you to prospects. Why? Because that approach leverages the power of those connections to spread your value. The contacts in your network can become marketing agents for you. Naturally you need to build relationships with those potential marketers.

Some contacts are better connecters than others. The best connecters could provide you with many leads over time. For that reason you need to build the relationships. But you might not know which contacts will be most helpful.

For that reason you need to follow a simple, effective and efficient system for building those networking relationships.

Three guidelines to follow

A productive network is based on people who are willing to help you. This means that you must first help them. Give before you get and don’t begrudge it.

Stay in touch with your network. Use more than one method of connecting. This might include a mix of email, web posts, phone calls, formal events and coffee meetings. The most valuable contacts need face-to-face contact. Be sure to demonstrate value with each connection that you make.

Create and maintain a database of your network contacts. Record the contacts and be sure to note the details of each connection, especially when you plan to connect next.

Networking is an imperfect process. It’s best to follow a simple system that works well for you. Remember, someone you know can connect you with someone who wants to buy what you offer.

Learn how to create and follow your networking system.

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