Friday, January 24, 2014

How do you feel when the bank calls you?

How do you feel when the bank calls you?

I’ve learned that the bank and credit card company never calls to give good news. They usually call to sell insurance – even though the person states “This is a courtesy call.”

Sometimes they have bad news (account overdrawn, missed a payment or market collapse)  – but they don’t call me with that – they prefer to send a letter. It takes longer, they can charge more for the INTEREST and the letter was written by their lawyers.

Why did the Small Business Advisor call at 4:58PM on Friday to announce that she wanted to talk with me? Her voice message stated that she was leaving at 5:00pm and I should call her on Monday.

The reason I should call her is “She wants to talk to me.”

What does that mean?

Is there a problem or are you trying to sell me something?

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