Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Where do you want your morning paper?

Good customer service is about meeting and sometimes slightly exceeding expectations.

Reading the morning paper has been a ritual for me for over 40 years. That means that there is a set of expectations that I have about reading my morning paper. One of those is that it is outside my door when I get up. Another expectation is that it is just outside my door and not in the flower garden or half way down the driveway. Simple yet important expectations that I have about my morning newspaper ritual.

Morning newspaper delivery
When it's raining I want my paper to be dry. When there's a snow storm I want my paper to be within reach outside the front door. Why? Because I'm in my house coat and slippers. I don't want to walk outside in my slippers in the snow to retreive my paper. But where was my newspaper recently? About 15 feet from the door. Notice that snow. There was at least 6 inches of snow. There would have been more snow, but I had shoveled the walk twice the previous day. 

Walking out in the snow is not a pleasant morning experinece in your slippers.

So I didn't retrieve or enjoy my newspaper that morning. My ritural was forsaken.

Thank you Hamilton Spectator.
 PS: Disturb my ritual and I might discover that I can live without it.

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