Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Best Marketing Advice for Marketing on an Embarassing Budget

This list from Carol Roth includes 39 creative tips on how to market your business on an embarasslingly limited budget.

Number 32 on the list is from me (George Torok). It's the shortest tip on the list and perhaps the most practical and effective, (in my opinion - you decide).

32. Write the Magic Words

Hand write and send thank you notes to your clients, associates and the media. The other note to send is congratulations. This is unusual, personal and thus, memorable.

Some of the other tips that stand out are:

1. Karma Pays

Two words: help people. Be it via written content, through social media, at local networking events - whatever opportunity you have to help your target consumer base, take it - and put your all into it. People want to help good people. You'd be surprised how much "free" word of mouth you can get your business simply by showing you're the kind of person who helps others without any strings attached. It's certainly worked for me. Karma- it pays.
Thanks to: Rae Hoffman of Sugarrae.

5. On a Budget? Be Controversial!

When I say 'controversial' I mean say something unexpected to get people to talk. Take the government shut down. In a sea of "Democrats are wrong!" and "Republicans are wrong!" suddenly your message is, "Here's why the shutdown is great!". It instantly stands out and provokes discussion, passes on links, possible media queries and so on, all for free. Of course, make sure that you can back up your claims and that they match your business model. It's amazing marketing on a budget, and one I always use.
Thanks to: David Weber of Learn About Flow.

13. Tell a Story in Six Seconds

As a bootstrapping startup in the legal field, it has been both challenging and exciting to come up with scrappy marketing techniques. One of the best pieces of advice for marketing on a budget I've seen is using Vine for a Q & A session.

Gary Vaynerchuk said it best, "Time is our biggest asset. What Vine does, is it gives you a promise that this is only six seconds of your time."

Find a creative way to tell a story to your market in six seconds.
Thanks to: Janine Holsinger of NextChapter.

23. Videos Grab Attention

YouTube is the second most searched site on the internet. Create a promo-video yourself on the cheap by using MS Movie Maker or go to and get a video produced for only $5-$20 depending on length and quality.

The promo video can then be placed on your website. QR codes (done for free) can drive people to your video and you can use the video for social campaigns - then, get it transcribed and pdf'd, cut out the voice/music for a podcast. Leverage one video into multi-usable content.
Thanks to: Curtis Chappell of Quantum SEO Solutions.
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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Power Marketing Tip #60: Why settle for what you are worth?

Are you struggling to be paid what you are worth? Why settle for so little?

In my experience very few people are paid what they are worth. There seems to be a great number of people paid less than they're worth and many who're paid more than they're worth.

On which side of that dividing line would you rather be?

If you're like me you might prefer to be paid more than you're worth. How can you make this happen?

First, consider how we decide worth.

Consider these choices:

  1. What is the worth of a hamburger at a family restaurant?
  2. What is the worth of a steak dinner at that same restaurant?
  3. What is the worth of the steak dinner at a fine dining restaurant?
  4. What is the worth of eating the hamburger while chatting with Richard Branson?

Notice that there are two parts that can affect the worth. The core element is the food. By changing the food you can marginally change (increase or decrease) the worth.

The second element is the experience. By changing the experience you can dramatically change the worth.

The ratio of cost to worth is proportionally highly for the core element versus the experience. This means that you'll realize a much better return on your investment by improving the experience.

The lesson is that if you only focus on improving the core element of your product or service then it will be difficult for you to receive more than you're worth. If you want to dramatically increase your price, then make changes in the experience.

If you are in a competitive market and find that prospects and clients view your offering as a commodity you'll feel pressured to compete on price and likely receive less than you're worth.

When faced with a competitive market, change how you deliver your core element to improve your worth in the perception of your clients.

If you want to get paid more than you're worth, focus less on what you sell and more on how you sell.

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