Friday, October 04, 2013

Something for everyone

Liar, liar pants on fire!

You don’t have something for everyone. Not even Amazon, Ebay and Kijiji combined have something for everyone.

Individually those websites cover a lot of ground and collectively they are vast in their scope. Yet they don’t have something for everyone. Avoid absolutes in your marketing messages.

This phrase has appeared in the listing for local Garage Sales. How could any one Garage Sale eclipse the offering of Amazon, Ebay and Kijiji?

Yet these amateur marketers seem to think that they’ll attract more visitors by exaggerating - by promising more - than they can deliver. These amateurs seem to think that marketing is about promising the big lie.

Perhaps the lie attracts people but how might those people feel when they arrive and find the seller is a liar? What will they think once they realize that they’ve been tricked? Will the negotiations be friendly?

We visited some Garage Sales this year. I noticed that many buying and selling decisions at the Garage Sales are made on whims. A small thing or feeling nudges the decision.

You might suggest that these Garage Sale operators are indeed amateurs. They don’t know any better. You might be right.

What about professional sellers and marketers? What’s their excuse? Have you noticed that some of them tell lies?

You don’t need to lie to sell. Marketing and selling isn’t a matter of deception. It’s about building trust.

What are you doing to build more trust with your prospects and clients? Test your promises against the truth. Not your truth – the real truth!

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