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Power Marketing Tip #57: Take advantage of the summer slowdown to get...

How to Get Your Story into the Media

Take advantage of the summer slowdown to get your story into the mainstream media.
With all the hype around the social media it's easy to forget about the mainstream media, i.e. newspapers, radio and TV. These outlets still provide enhanced credibility, respect and trust to the people they feature as experts.

How to get your story into the mainstream media

Timing is important. August tends to be a slow news month. Submit your story because there is less competition. Between vacations and reduced business activity there's less news. The media is usually short-staffed because of vacations. If you can make their job easier, you can get preferential treatment.

What does that mean? Instead of sending a News Release,write the story for them.
The easiest way to do that is to write a list. The list should offer readers, viewers or listeners information about the industry or product (or service). Don't write about your company and DO NOT send a blatant advertisement. Your goal is to have your name and company name appear as the expert quoted by the media.

A list could contain between three and ten items. Each point could vary from one sentence to a short paragraph.

Here are seven types of lists and ideas to help you write:

How To
Maintain the product
Test the reliability of a product
Get best value from the product
The Frequently Asked Questions should be easy for you. Just think about the questions that clients have asked you.

Important Questions
This is a variation of the FAQ list. In this case the questions you answer might be your list of important, embarrassing or overlooked questions. You can include questions you've been asked or, more importantly questions that you believe people should ask.
What are the most common myths or misunderstandings about the industry or product? You state the myth and then reveal the corresponding truth. This is a good way to present yourself as a trusted crusader of the industry.

What are the recent events that have shaped the industry? What are the trends that are happening or that you foresee? How can consumers prepare for these changes?

This list could include warnings about the misuse of the product, common mistakes, unethical practices, important changes, possible dangers...

Airline pilots run through their pre-flight checklist before every flight. The checklist could be things to do before using the product, when shopping for the product or when putting into or removing from storage.

I look forward to seeing your name in the news.


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