Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Power Marketing Tip #56: Stop marketing to people who need...

The Myth about Needs

Have you heard this damaging myth about how to build a business? "Find a need and fill it".

Don't buy that fairy tale.

The cold reality is that people don't buy what they need. They buy what they want.

You might disagree with that. You might even argue that people need food so they buy food. That's true. But, they don't necessarily buy the food they need with the proper healthy balance of nutrients.

If you've taken your children on a shopping trip I bet that you bought something that you didn't need but your child wanted. Fruit Loops isn't on any need list.

I've noticed that many dog owners need to take their pet to obedience training but that business looks pale compared to pet foods, pet health and pet cemeteries.

This distinction between need and want is important to you because many sellers believe that their market is everyone who needs their product. They make the mistake of targeting their marketing at those ignorant masses that need but don't want their product.

There are usually more people who need your product than want it. That larger pool of needy people often seduces marketers to chase those ignorant masses. If you do this, your marketing must first convince the uneducated and unwilling that they have a need for your type of product. You have to insult them by suggesting that they don't recognize that they have a problem. Then you also need to convince them to buy from you.

This can be a frustrating waste of time, effort and money.

Instead you will experience less stress and enjoy more profits when you target those informed individuals who already want what you sell.

You only need to convince them to buy from you.

As a marketing consultant I've been surprised at the successful business owners who hire me. I often learn much from them. On the other hand I've been dumbfounded by the individuals who really need my help but are too blind to realize that.

Perhaps you've heard sellers introducing themselves at a networking meeting by telling you that their market is "anybody who needs...."

Don't make that mistake. Instead proudly announce that your market is "smart people who want..."

When you market to people who want your product you simply need to position your business as the smart choice for smart buyers.

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