Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Secrets of Power Marketing - book summary

Secrets of Power Marketing by Bender & Torok
How to Sell Yourself to Sell Your Product

Secrets of Power Marketing was written, explain authors George Torok and Peter Urs Bender, "to show you, the individual, how to put the 'personal' in your personal marketing plan; to help you, the entrepreneur, compete with strength and confidence in the marketplace against bigger competition; and to provide you with strategies, techniques and tips to get more from your marketing than you ever thought possible."

According to Torok and Bender, the first step in marketing is awareness: the art of making consumers aware that what you have to offer is available and ready for consumption. "If you have something great but do not communicate it, you will not succeed," the authors write.

Value is the next step. Value is what makes a person buy something they get from somebody else for a lower price because they perceive more value in the new purchase. "If you do not know the value of what you have, you will not be prosperous."

Components of Marketing
When the authors define marketing, they break down its meaning into three crucial parts.

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