Monday, March 11, 2013

Your Clients Don't Care About Your Tools

Dental Tools
Dentists use these disgusting looking tools to pry, scrap and explore inside your mouth.

They might poke you with these sharp objects and ask "Does this hurt?" "Of course it does you #*+**%".

When you are in the chair, the sight of them doesn't make you feel good. You accept that it is a necessary evil associated with healthy teeth.

You don't want to see these pain-associated images on the sign or on the business card.

Yet to the dentist these are his tools of the trade. He might even feel proud that he uses only the best German or Swiss made instruments.

You don't care. You only want to avoid the pain.

The dentist might wonder - should these image be part of the logo? Should these images be in the store front window?

The answer is NO.

This is an analogy. Depending on your business, your clients might not want to see or know about your tools. They simply want the results and the pain to go away.

When you create your marketing materials (especially the imagery) think about the client's perspective.

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