Wednesday, March 06, 2013

OMG - What a Great Marketing Book!

OMG - great marketing examples by Geoff Ramm
OMG: Observational Marketing Greats Vol 1

Geoff Ramm brings a refreshing perspective to marketing. He notices and points out the brilliance in simple marketing efforts that get profitable business and motivate buyers. Listen to him speak or read this book. He demonstrates his inquisitive and creative mind and champions great marketing wherever he sees it.

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OMG: The marketing that simply stops you in your tracks. From New York to Whitley Bay and from Spain to Cape Town, get ready to witness some of the most eye catching, jaw dropping marketing, PR, branding, promotions, sales and customer service from businesses and entrepreneurs who know exactly how to stand out from the competition.

"Geoff is not only a marketing genius he shows you how to become one too. Quite possibly one of the easiest and most powerful books you’ll ever read on the subject of marketing ever, you’ll be laughing as well as learning."

Paul McGee, The SUMO Guy, Speaker & Author 

Inside this book of marketing inspiration you will discover real observational examples of brilliance, including; The greatest business card on planet earth, why you should create A list celebrity service, how to increase your proposal success rates by 20%, how to double your reach or halve your costs with the help of a gladiator, how Arnie will help you to upsell, the 3 must do’s in the run up to Christmas, why one night stands are bad for business, how numbers will make you recognisable, the new rules of drinking and driving, and relish one of the most amazing pieces of marketing you will ever see using traditional and social media marketing. And for those interested in one of the most sought after answers in the world… size does matter!!!

 “OMG is not like other marketing books. Crammed full of real life marketing observations that make you laugh, nod and applaud. Standing out from the crowd has never been easier’.

Andy Lopata, Business Networking Strategist & Speaker

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