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Get Approval to Attend Your Industry Conference

Get approved to attend your conference
Get Approval to Attend Your Industry Conference

If you are an employee, you probably need to ask permission to attend a conference or convention. There are two things you want. You want the organization to pay for the cost of the event along with the travel expenses. The other thing you want is permission to be out of the office to attend the conference while still being paid. This is not your vacation.

You are asking your employer for two valuable resources – time and money.

So how do you get approved by the boss to attend your industry convention or association conference on the company’s dime?

Show how it will help your organization and your boss. Your organization is investing money while your boss (if not the owner) is taking a risk.

You must present a case that focuses on the benefits to your employer. The mistakes are to talk about what’s in if for you or to list the features. You are asking them to invest in you. You need to clarify the return they can expect.

If you have attended a conference or convention then describe how you have applied the lessons or contacts to solve problems, make money or save money.

If you haven’t yet had that experience then describe the results of colleagues. If you don’t have those stories then explain how the issues and topics align with the priorities of your organization.

If that fails you could always appeal to the experiences of your boss in attending conferences and conventions.

Most importantly you must do your homework. Don’t simply waltz into the boss’s office with your crazy request. Be well prepared to answer the question, “Why should I approve your request?”

You could also ask your association for help in getting the approval you need to attend the conference.

Here are some tips from conference organizers to get your approval:

Canadian Payroll Association

One of the best ways to get management support is to submit a formal proposal to your direct supervisor, outlining the benefits of your attending the conference to your organization. First, investigate if your organization has a formal professional development policy, form and/or designated amounts for their employees. Second, review the daily schedule for the conference online or in the registration brochure to identify the education sessions and networking events that address the specific needs within your organization. Review your organization’s current initiatives, such as streamlining processes, building relationships or implementing a new process, and find the corresponding sessions. Then, finally, start preparing your proposal. Read the rest

CGI Insurance Exchange Conference 2013

The CGI Insurance Exchange Conference is more than a gathering of product users—it’s a purposeful and strategic program for increasing the return on investment in your CGI solution. For many, having to discuss the value of attending is a necessary step in securing approval. Following are facts and tips to help you make your case: Read the rest

My Company Won’t Pay! How To Get Approval To Attend Conferences or Training

Sometimes getting what you want requires a little creativity. While working for a Fortune 50 company several years ago, I desperately wanted to attend a conference in a newly forming discipline. My manager supported my attendance, but had no budget for the conference. Responses from upper management varied from neutral to negative, ranging from “Why do you want to go to that conference?" to "Everyone knows our industry is going through a downturn these days; we need to cut back on all unnecessary travel expenses." Read the rest

Tips to Get Approval Internally at Your Institution/ Organization to Attend the ISSFAL Conference

In our current economic climate, getting approval to attend meetings may be more challenging for you now than it has been in the past. Here are four steps you can use to build a solid case for attending ISSFAL 2012. Read the rest

What have you done to receive management approval to attend industry conferences or seminars?

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