Monday, December 17, 2012

Hand Written Notes – the Original Social Media

More Personal Than Digital Media

It’s impossible to ignore the Social Media crusade. Perhaps you received business through Social Media contacts and activity. I admit that I’ve made interesting new contacts, renewed old friendships and generated business through social media.

However, I’ve received a lot more business and recognition from sending hand written notes. The two best messages to send via hand written note are thank you and congratulations. Thank you for your business, help, referral, testimonial, patience, gift…
Congratulations on your achievement, recognition, new venture, milestone… The prompting for the note could be personal or business.

Here’s why you might consider sending hand written notes.

Your note will stand out which means it will be noticed and remembered. Very few people are sending hand written notes so you will be different from the rest.

The open and read rate is much higher than for email or other avenues of digital messaging. Most people will promptly and eagerly open the envelope to see what the note says.

It’s low tech, which means that it’s simple to do and easy to follow through. You don’t need to register for expensive classes on how to use this tool or hire consultants to do it for you.

It’s your handwriting. What could be more personalized than that? There’s character in your handwriting that can never be captured by Arial or Times Roman. It doesn’t matter if your handwriting is sloppy as long as it is legible. The secret is to slow down when you write that note.

It’s handwritten so people realize that it’s personal and written from you to them – one-to-one. We never really know about your digital messages. They could be mass messaging or cut-and-paste.

Opening the envelope and holding the note, is tactile which means that it stimulates an underused sense.

This marketing device will never be hijacked by Google or Facebook. You could order custom printed stationary or you could buy a package of plain note cards and envelopes.

The next step for you is to make it a daily or at least weekly habit to send notes to clients, prospects, associates, staff and other contacts.

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