Monday, November 19, 2012

Student Looking for Help with his Marketing Assignment

Marketing student stressed

Occasionally I receive an email from a university or college student asking for help with his marketing assignment. So far it has only been males. Not sure what that means. Are guys more lazy and looking for the easy way out?

The email has followed a similar formula of flattering me, introducing himself, stating the assignment and then asking a vague question with an appeal to my generosity. The students seemed to be searching for a free homework writer. The students have asked me to write their paper or at least give them the content for their assignment. The odd one has stated that he is totally lost on where to start. But none has asked good questions. They haven’t referenced one of my articles or challenged my opinions.

In every case the student has demonstrated a lack of thought about the topic. They seemed to think that because I’m an expert on marketing I owe them. Actually I believe that I need to protect the world from flim flam artists, deceptive marketers and lazy thinkers.

I have been offended by each of these requests. The student doesn't seem to be interested in the topic enough to ask better questions, think about the topic and research my articles and blogs.

With a little bit of research they would find my articles, blog posts and YouTube videos. They would learn a lot about marketing and my thinking by studying those publications.

My first and lingering thought when I receive these messages is “You deserve to fail this course.”

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