Friday, November 09, 2012

Power Marketing Tip 52: Demonstrate Value

Demonstrate Superior Value

One of the criteria for your marketing is "Does it demonstrate value?" In particular does your marketing demonstrate more value than the marketing of your competition?

Keep in mind that everything you do is compared to the competition by your prospects. If your marketing doesn't position you as offering more value than the competition then it might be wasted.

How can you demonstrate the value of your product or service?

Customer Testimonials
One of the best ways to demonstrate value is with customer testimonials. This works best when you quote real customers to whom your prospects can relate.

The testimonials are most believable when they show the full name of the individual. If you sell to business, then it helps to include the title and company name of the person vouching for you.

For example, "Leslie Williams" looks better than "LW" or even "Leslie" because you are building trust by showing that you have nothing to hide.

When you only identify the person as LW - the questions that are bound to enter prospects' minds are "I wonder if that is a real person? If LW really loved the service why is she afraid to use her name?"

For a business-to-business testimonial use the person's name, title and company name.

Bilbo Baggins
VP Operations
The Shire Group

The above conveys more credibility and believability than "BB Corporate Vice President".

The next step is to proudly display your testimonials where your customers and prospects can easily see them. Treat these words from your customers with respect and pride; this suggests that you treat your customers with respect and value their feedback.

I knew I would enjoy the meal when I saw the lobby of the restaurant covered with framed letters and notes from satisfied customers.

Some of my clients keep binders of testimonial letters in protective plastic pages. These binders are tastefully displayed in the lobby or customer lounge.

It's curious that today's mail included several flyers yet not one contained a customer testimonial. Two of the flyers claimed to offer luxury grade service but failed to provide comments from satisfied customers. What might that suggest?

Put testimonials on your website. You might list them on a Customer Feedback page and also place at least one testimonial on every page because every page must demonstrate value to your prospect - especially the home page.

For business testimonials you could add the corporate logo next to the testimonial especially if it's a well known and well respected organization. For retail testimonials you might include a photo of the person.

Naturally you want to request and receive the individual's permission with any use of their words or image.

If you want to demonstrate superior value, display your amazing testimonials in a superior way.

George Torok

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