Thursday, October 04, 2012

Make the Pain Go Away

Make the pain go away
How Many People do You Tell about Bad Service?

Probably more than you tell about good service. Why? We tend to remember and share our pain more than our joy.

Doctors are experts on identifying and relieving pain. People visit their Doctor when they have a pain. When the Doctor greets them and asks, "How are you?" they respond, "It hurts when I do this". The Doctor's job is to make the pain go away.

How would you feel and think if the Doctor told you "the pain is good for you", "we can't do anything about the pain because it's our policy", or "there must be something wrong with you because no one else had complained"?

Sounds ridiculous - yet that is the way many companies respond to customer pain as expressed in customer complaints.

Perhaps companies should change the name of the complaint department to "Pain Relief". And perhaps they might label the staff in that department as doctors and nurses.

Naturally, companies need to adopt that perspective - that they are in the Pain Relief business.

Just imagine the possibilities.

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