Monday, August 13, 2012

Who is Sandpiper? What do they do? Why Would you Care?

Sandpiper Billboard Ad
Another billboard advertisement gone bad - this time from Sandpiper.

This billboard is one of the worst that I've seen recently.

The first test is to catch attention. There is nothing - text or image wise  - to catch attention of vehicle drivers.

Take the test. Scan it for three seconds. What did you see?

My eyes did a left to right and back a few times. Nothing grabbed my attention and nothing was memorable. What is this sign about? Who cares? That's the reaction of most drivers as they pass this sign.

The next test is "What is the message?"

Go ahead and scan it again  What are the benefits? What are the features? Who are they talking to?

If you have 30 seconds you might notice the phrase "Trust Sandpiper to comfort your nest".

What does that mean?????

Let's run down to Sandpiper and give them our money because we want to comfort our nest.

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