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Saga of the Company President with an Attitude

Call your customer to discuss problems
Imagine the possibilities if you called your customers to have a conversation to help solve their problems.

The story so far...

I was unhappy with the service with a barter service company and tried to save the relationship. I had a 13 year relationship with this company so I contacted the president first by voice mail and then by email.

His initial email replies were positive until I answered his question about "What was lacking?".

So I told him with this email.
Hello John,

Thank you for your reply and offer.

The main issue is the poor working relationship with my broker.
I feel there is a lack of trust, lack of respect, lack of effort and lack of response. I believe that I have been misled. I do not feel that my broker was working on my behalf. Instead I've been given insulting excuses and a you-versus-me positioning.

The exchanges over the past year have been too aggravating. I can't believe that I was paying to be treated that way.

George Torok

He responded with the following message.

He starts off by apologizing. That's a good start. The rest of the first paragraph is about nothing that I've raised.

The second paragraph is a continuance of the first paragraph.

In the third paragraph he suggests that my comments are far fetched. Was he really calling me a liar?

But nowhere does he offer a way to solve this. Still no phone call.
Hi George

I'm sorry that you feel that way. It's unfortunate that clients in our network are placing a higher priority on using their TRADEdollars for expenses other than business coaching and training etc. The fact is, it's extremely hard to bring you business as it is all of our sales trainers etc.

I can switch you to a different broker but I fear that they will have the same difficulty bringing you new business so we will be back to the same frustration on your part.

Your comments below seem to be far-fetched. How have you been misled, that's a strong word and would imply that you have been lied to.

Why didn't he just call me?

I called him twice before we went to email and suggested a call more than once in email.

What emotions are triggered when someone calls your comments "far-fetched"?

This time my reply was short.

You asked me a question and then you discount my answer.
Where do you want to go with this?

This was was a short and simple message offering him the opportunity to reflect.

His response below is an indication of his position and how firm he is in maintaining that position.

I have not discounted your answer, I merely suggested that the comments SEEMED far-fetched. I also provided feedback as to why I feel that you have not gotten a lot of business. Furthermore, I relayed to you that no matter which broker you have in our office, your frustrations may still be there because ultimately the product that you offer on trade is not that desirable.

I think that your overall tone has been a little harsh and I would agree that it is better for us to part ways.

In the recent past when I was reviewing your website I noticed that there was a referral from us posted there. I would respectfully ask that you delete it as we will your account.

Let me know,


John is defending again. He now attempts to emphasise the word SEEMED by putting it in caps. And he claims that he was providing feedback - on a topic that I had not raised nor invited feedback. 

In the next paragraph he attacks me by critizing my tone. Reread the previous posts and you decide about tone. I am his customer and he criticizes me. Very curious. When someone realizes they are wrong they often attack you to take attention away from the real issue.

The last paragraph is most curious. This SEEMS to be purely vindictive. He has hired me a couple times and he willingly wrote a glowing testimonial for that work. Now, he's taking it back. Was that a lie?

He framed his request with the phrase "I would respectfully". When someone starts a sentence with those words they are not being respectful. They don't respect you. They are lying to you.

What happens next?
Could it get any worse?
What would you do if you were the president?
What would you do if you were the customer?

Another Customer Relationship RIP
Another Customer Relationship RIP


Here are the five chapters in this series of abusive conversations with the company president.

Chapter 1: Do You Trust the President of the Company? 

Chapter 2: Saga of bad service and President with really bad attitude

Chapter 3: Saga of the President Missing the Save

Chapter 4: Saga of the Company President with an Attitude

Chapter 5: If the President of the Company Won't Help You

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