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If the President of the Company Won't Help You

Company president chases customer away
The saga of the company president who didn't value me as a customer - even though I had been a customer for 13 years.

The story so far...
I was unhappy with customer service and contacted the company president. The conversation started well and quickly went sour.

Trying to salvage the relationship I sent the following message to John, the company president.

Perhaps it was a bad day.

I'm willing to forgive and forget and discuss any part of recent discussions. Perhaps we can talk on Monday or Tuesday. Let me know when you would like to talk.
Email me the best times. I will confirm and you can call me at 905-555-555.


As you can see, I offered him an out - a chance to backtrack and save the relationship. Most importantly I tried to take this discussion to a phone discussion and out of email. Phone calls are much warmer than texting or email.

Would he soften? Would he accept my offer to discuss like real people by phone?

Hi George

Maybe that day last week was a bad day for you, but for me it was an amazing day.  Closed a decent sized Barter Town deal, continued training our franchisee and attended a large Barter Town event that was a huge success!

Unfortunately, after sleeping on it, I still feel that it would be better for us to not do business going forward.  The product that you offer is not easy to get our clients to bite on and I don’t want  to disappoint you any further with our program or how we operate.  I do take your comments about Chris seriously and will work to rectify any issues on our end when it comes to his performance.

In the recent past when I was reviewing your website I noticed that there was a referral from us posted there. I would respectfully ask that you delete it as we will your account. 

I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.  Should you come across a potential customer that is not wanting to pay you in cash and you would like to offer them the ability to trade (as a last resort to close a deal), then maybe at that time we could fire up your account again and help close a deal for you.

He had a good day! Wow! Ego spilling out in that first paragraph. No compassion from him for his clients.

I was his client and I had also provide service to him - so his comment in the fourth paragraph about deleting his endorsement from my website was curious at best. It was probably written in a spiteful mood.

By the way, I've noticed that when a person starts a sentence with the phrase "respectfully" they really don't mean respect. They are simply trying to appear respectful for appearance.

His last paragraph is silly. Clearly it is a standard text that he uses in many conversations as a last resort.

I offered him the opportunity to repair the relationship, he ignores me and still tries his standard sales pitch.

My last reply is below.
Hi John,

Good to hear that you are both feeling and doing well.
I agree - let's call it quits and let's call it even. I'm honoured to contribute to your foundation.
I had hoped that a phone call would have served to end our relationship of 13 years on a positive note.

I believe that over the years I have contributed articles and tips to Barter Town. In addition I have provided referrals and recommendations for Barter Town and members. Feel free to reprint or leverage any of those as you wish. I have no intention to retract them.

Sorry to hear that you are no longer willing to be quoted about my service to Barter Town.
All the best to you. I hope that we might do business again.

George Torok

The names have been changed to protect the guilty.
What do you feel and think?

Here are the five chapters in this series of abusive conversations with the company president.

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