Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Do You Trust the President of the Company?

Can you trust the president of the company?
If you can’t trust the president who can you trust?

Some company presidents don’t realize that they are the strongest marketing spokesperson for their company.

Positive or negative.

We will judge your company on how your CEO or president acts, speaks and treats us.

The president can be the best blessing for the company or the poison that destroys your marketing efforts.

If your president is a public relationships liability – hide him in the deepest cellar you can find.

If he is truly focused on customers – parade him about as much as you can.

If the president knows but doesn’t do the right things – sit down and have a serious conversation about who should talk to clients and how.

Watch for the details of a disastrous conversation that I experienced with the president of a barter company. 
When the president doesn't get it - what kind of customer service can you expect from the staff?

Here are the five chapters in this series of abusive conversations with the company president.

Chapter 1: Do You Trust the President of the Company? 

Chapter 2: Saga of bad service and President with really bad attitude

Chapter 3: Saga of the President Missing the Save

Chapter 4: Saga of the Company President with an Attitude

Chapter 5: If the President of the Company Won't Help You

George Torok Keynote Marketing Speaker Co-author of Secrets of Power Marketing
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