Thursday, June 28, 2012

Make Your Employee Entrance a Marketing Tool and more

Employee entrance motivation and marketing
This is the employee entrance for the Holiday Inn in Burlington, Ontario.

I have attended many events at this hotel over the years yet this was the first time that I noticed this door and this sign.

This door is about 10 feet north of the main entrance. Most hotel guests would not notice the door or the sign.  I noticed it because I was pacing while waiting for an airport shuttle bus.

I was struck by the power of this sign and the thoughtfulness that went into it.

It is a powerful yet subtle marketing tool. Any customer who notices this sign is likely to remember it and mention it to others (as I'm doing).

As a customer you might think, "If that's the way they treat their staff then just imagine how good the service will be."

This portal is also a powerful management tool.

Just imagine walking through this door on your way to work. It's a special doorway - "Employee Entrance Only".

The words are positive. As long as the management are congruent with these words the effect will be incredible.

Look at these positive words.

"dedicated team"

That reminds staff that they are part of a team and that dedication is needed and expected.


Hotel staff are not called professionals. Imagine the ego boost to staff to be called professionals as they go about their often mundane yet critical task each day.


This suggests that management knows and appreciates how hard staff works. That also suggests that there is a two-way commitment.

"superior customer service"

A solid reminder that the customer is the one we all serve and that we need to be better than okay. We need to be superior.

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