Friday, June 01, 2012

Controversy Sells: Richard Branson Does it Again

Richard Branson built a billion dollar empire and a powerful personal brand. There are common elements in those two achievements and some distinct differences.

Let's look at the more interesting part - the personal brand.

If you were to describe the man, what simple words would you use?

These are the words and phrases that come to my mind:





Wicked sense of humour

My guess is that none of those surprise you. So why was the government of British Columbia surprised and unprepared when he acted exactly that way on his recent visit to promote Virgin Atlantic flying into Vancouver?

After BC Premier Christy Clark invited Branson to go kite surfing off the BC coast, Richard responded on his blog.

Richard Branson Christy Clark invitation to kite surfing

When in British Columbia a few days ago, the delightful Premier Christy Clark accepted my invite to come for a kitesurf ride on my back.

One thing though - I forgot to tell her about the dress code! Well, here it is.
The offer still stands Christy!

By . Founder of Virgin Group


Classic Branson!

Provocative and wicked sense of humour.

But the stuffed shirts at the BC government proclaimed his comments as "offensive" and "disrespectful".

Those stooges played right into Branson's hands by fuelling the controversy in the public media.

Score Card

Richard Branson: For being true to himself: 100

BC Premier, Christy Clark: For her clever and funny quip: 50 Government back room advisers: For their lack of forethought and afterthought : minus 30

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