Friday, April 20, 2012

Your Car as a Marketing Tool

Personal Marketing with your car
Is That Your Car?

Your car sends a message about how successful you are. Maintain it. A rusty car is never cool. If you have an old car, get it repainted. Customers might think that you are an antique collector. But if it is rusty they know you have no money. If you have no money they think you are not successful in your business. And if you are not successful you must not be good.

If you drive an old car, you might rent or borrow a better one for an important meeting.

Keep your car clean inside and out, even if,  no, especially if, it is the family car. When you are on business it is acceptable to have a baby seat in the back, but not the diapers.

Use your car as a signboard. Paint your name on the sides if it fits the image of your business. If you're in a big city with tall buildings, put your name on the roof of the car. If signs are not appropriate, then you can always go with vanity plates.

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