Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Introduce Yourself with Flair

Introducing Yourself Like Zorro

You may have heard your name thousands of times, so to save time you state it very quickly. The listener does not hear your name and won't remember you. Say your name slowly and clearly so they hear it. Enunciate for them. “Hi, I am (short pause) George (longer pause) Torok (pause and smile)." Look happy to state your name. If you have a difficult or unusual name, repeat it. You might help them remember it by saying, "rhymes with . . ." or "in my mother tongue it means . . ." And if you can make people laugh when you say your name, they will remember you.

State your name clearly when meeting face to face, talking on the phone, or introducing yourself to a group. Be proud of your name and show it. Never apologize for introducing yourself.

The next time that you introduce yourself picture how Zorro would do it.

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Thanks for introducing yourself... Nice learning about you...

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