Friday, March 16, 2012

Power Marketing Tip 49: 3 Simple Tests for Your Graphic Design

Are you losing money because of starving-artists design?

I've noticed a lot of bad design of marketing material lately. I've also seen some fabulous graphic design. You might want to protect yourself from the design demons. It's so easy for budding entrepreneurs to use a design program without understanding or applying marketing design principles.

Good marketing design is art based on scientific principles. The art, I'm not so good at. I'm a stick figure artist at best. But I do understand the principles of effective design. If you're hiring graphic designers to creative marketing materials you don't need to be an artist but you need to understand the fundamentals.

Apply this 3 part test to your visual marketing materials. That might include your website, postcard, poster, sign, flyer, business card...

Whose attention do you want to catch? You can catch attention with a visual or with words. In either case it will likely be a benefit that your best prospects desire or a pain that they hope to banish. Design your marketing to target your best prospects.
This is especially challenging when your advertisement is on a page with other listings.
Absolution or aspirin - that's what grabs their attention. Most of the time, your photo, logo, or business name won't do that.

Eye Flow
Let's assume that you caught their attention - where do their eyes go next? If you don't know, it's bad graphic design. You don't need to be an expert to know where the eyes go. Just test it yourself. Our eyes tend to jump from point to point. Effective graphic design leads the eyes of viewers like a tour guide directing a museum tour.
Each eye jump must enhance the perceived value and want of your prospects. You should be able to predict the first three eye jumps.

This is the final test. What do you want your prospects to do? If this doesn't happen your marketing investment was wasted. If you want them to call you, tell them why. If you want them to visit your shop, tell them why. If you want them to click your link, tell them why. If you want them to scan your QR code, tell them why.
People only act when they have a good reason. That is most likely the same factor that caught their attention. Don't hope that prospects will be curious. You don't want curious people. You want motivated buyers.
Remind your graphic designer that purpose and function are far more important than the artistic form. You don't want a Picasso. You want customers to buy.
Don't be seduced by the art - test your design against these three simple marketing principles.

PS: Here's an example of a poorly designed postcard.

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