Monday, March 05, 2012

Power Marketing Tip #48: Back Stage Marketing

With all the attention that the TV advertisements on the Super Bowl receive, it's easy to be seduced into believing that's marketing. Yes, good advertising is good marketing - and remember that it's only one part of the marketing mix. My guess is that you didn't buy a TV advertisement on the Super Bowl. The price for 30 seconds was $3.5 M.

There was a more important marketing lesson that had nothing to do with the expensive ads. That was the setup and tear down of the halftime show.

Madonna and the rest of the performers would have had no stage without the stage crew. The elaborate stage was set up in about 7 minutes.

If the setup took too long the performance would have been sacrificed. If the setup was done incorrectly the performers might have suffered embarrassment or injury.

They were not called the marketing department but those setup people played a significant role in the marketing and presentation of the show.

Who are the back stage marketers in your business? Who helps set up the stage so your product can be delivered to the satisfaction of your clients? Perhaps there are activities that you do that fall into the category of back stage marketing.

Shine a bright light on your backstage marketers and provide them with the tools they need to set up the stage for your customer experience. Give them the training, tools and communication to help delight your customers.

Look past the flashy advertisements. Examine all the people and pieces that need to be in place to deliver the promise that your marketing department is boldly broadcasting.

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