Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Alright or All Right - Which is the Correct Version?

Pick the right words for better marketing
As a marketer you probably know that it's as much about how you deliver your message. If you use text in your marketing the one often overlooked factor is correct word usage.

For example, do you know when to use one of the words or phrases from the following list?

Already or all ready?

Altogether or all together?

Anybody or anybody?

Maybe or may be?

Overtime or over time?

For the answers to these choices and 15 other word pairs read this informative article by Mark Nichol as posted on his Daily Writing Tips Blog

20 Pairs of One-Word and Two-Word Forms

by Mark Nichol

Many common words and phrases are identical except for a strategic letter space — apart and “a part” come to mind — and though knowing which form to use in a sentence is often obvious (as in that example), the difference can be subtle. Here are some of the less clear-cut pairs:

Click to read the rest of "20 Pairs of One-Word and Two-Word Forms"

Thanks Mark. I see a lot of helpful writing tips on your blog.

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