Monday, January 30, 2012

Why are Credit Unions so Timid in Their Marketing?

Who would have guessed that this ad is from a credit union?

It's bold, edgy and maybe even offensive.

I like it. It's about time that the credit unions are leveraging their strengths over the big bad banks.

This was the cover page of an insert in the local newspaper.

When you opened it, the next page boldly stated.

"Actually, at FirstOntario Credit Union, you are an Owner."

I love it because it smacks the banks in their face - and who really loves the banks?

The headings on this page read:

Now you can bank where you have a voice.

Member privileges, because you're an Owner.

That was followed by customer (owner) testimonials that read:

"If I owned my own bank, I'd stop nickel and diming."

"If we owned our own bank, we would treat customers as people not profit centres."

"If I owned my own bank, I'd help customers, not bankers build their nest eggs."

Tip of the hat to FirstOntario Credit Union.

I suggest that you be bolder and promote your difference from the banks.

Show a picture of the bank's office tower - then a picture of your office cottage.

Print the salaries of the banks executives - then your executives.

List the board of directors of the banks - then your member directors.

My message to credit unions - stop hiding. Step out and offend the banks. People will love it.

Check out First Ontario Credit Union.


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