Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Power Marketing Tip 42: Build a Marketing System

Marketing is the process you follow to get sales.

That means if you want more sales you need more control over the process.

If the process is random or you can't describe it, you have little control. To gain more control of your sales follow a marketing system. A process is only a sequence of events but a system is a planned and measured process.

Systems are the answer to success in any area of your business and life. Want more success, just follow better systems.

A System has three elements:
1. A system is based on a principle.
2. A system is a process to reach the goal. It is not the goal.
3. A system is a set of routines that are followed consistently and persistently.

It's better to follow an imperfect system than have no system at all. It's a good place to start and you can adjust it as you go.

Are you already following good marketing systems? Should you improve them - or drop them?

Describe each marketing activity in terms of the steps in the process. Then test to see if it is a good marketing system. Measure both the inputs and the outputs.

For example: You do A, then B happens, then you do C, then D happens.

Does A always lead to B? If not, what determines how often A leads to B? What can you do to improve the occurrence of B? Or how can you make it more predictable and more efficient?

For example:
A - You buy an advertisement in a magazine
B - You get some calls

A - You host a seminar
B - You get some leads

A financial planner always knows how much new business he will do six months out because he follows a repeatable and predictable lead generation system that starts with an invitation to a luncheon seminar.
If you want more new business identify the top three ways that you get new business. Then start describing the steps in the process. Where can you exert control? Can you improve that? Where do you believe you have little control? Maybe you can improve your luck - like a Blackjack player counting cards to improve odds against the house.

To have more control of your business income implement and follow two to three good marketing systems.

George Torok
Power Marketing

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