Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Is Your Guarantee a Real Guarantee? Not if You're DAP

A guarantee is an effective way to remove some of the risk of buying. The better the guarantee, the more effective for you.

What makes a guarantee better?
  • Clear and easy to understand
  • Absence of weasel words
  • No or few exceptions
  • Clear understanding of the promise
  • Clear understanding of the fix
  • Simple claim process

I needed to reseal around my bathtub. I was impressed with the words "Crack Proof Guarantee" on the tube of  DAP "Kwik Seal Plus for Kitchen & Bath"

That sounded like the answer to my needs. So I applied the sealant around the tub and felt good about another DIY job well done.

Until... five weeks later when I noticed that the sealant had cracked. My reaction was, "How could that be possible? It has a Crack Proof Guarantee. And it means that I have to do the whole job again.

Here is the reply that I received from DAP:

"If the product cracks, peels, mildews, or separate during normal use ( when used as directed) within one year from the date of purchase, DAP will refund your sales price to you. Just send the receipt to..."

Well, that is certainly clear and understandable. But none of those conditions were evident at the time of purchase.

Who would keep the receipt - for a year?

And how was I supposed to know that the Crack Proof Guarantee was only valid for one year at best? I certainly wouldn't want to be resealing the tub every year. I could find nothing on the tube that indicated or even suggested these restrictions.

It took DAP over two weeks to respond to me by email with that little policy phrase even though I completed the form on their website with my full name, mailing address, email and phone number. So naturally I had purchased a competitive brand to replace the cracked DAP sealant.

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George Torok
Marketing Speaker

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