Friday, January 06, 2012

Can You Read This Fine Print?

While examining the DAP sealant tube I struggled to read the printing. Could you read this fine print?
DAP fine print

I put on my reading glasses and pulled the maganifying glass out.... and struggled to read this fine print. I was looking for the directions of how to best use the product. Why did DAP make it so difficult?

1. Did DAP include the directions because they were required by law?

2. Did DAP include the directions because their lawyers suggested that?

3. Did DAP include the directions to be read by customers for ease of use?

I don't know about the first two possibililites.

I suggest that it was not for reason number three.

If DAP really wanted customers to be able to read the print - they would have made it easy to read. The print was tiny and the colours used didn't offer readable contrast.

The people at DAP might argue that they had to make the print small because of the limited space and the need to print on both official languages in Canada. I understand.

Why did they pick such dumb colours? My guess is that the branding police held sway. They might have been more concerned with form than function - which is the biggest nuisance about "branding priests" in any organizations. They focus on corporate look instead of customer experience.

The other suggestion that occurred to me was for them to include a web address on the tube where customers could visit to read and print the directions and guarantee restrictions.

George Torok

Marketing Speaker


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