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55 Business Marketing Mistakes from Carol Roth

Look at this latest compilation of marketing mistakes from Carol Roth on her Business Unplugged blog. The request was, "Tell us about the biggest marketing mistake that you've seen." You can imagine that there are many but these marketing mistakes are worth noting - and avoiding.

Here's my contribution.

Others Got a Better Deal

Clients at the front of the line got a better deal than you. You’ll pay more, Ha, Ha.

An association used this approach to market its convention. Each message repeated the better deal that the early buyers got: for every 50 seats sold, the price will go up $25.
The $25 was not a big deal, nor did it motivate me. But the consistent reminder that others got a better deal was annoying. Annoy your prospects by reminding them about how dumb they are.

Apparently, attendance was down 25%.


What other mistakes are businesses committing in their marketing?

How are You Showing Up?

The other day, we passed a window screen business. My eyes quickly diverted from the sign to their front door- a rusted door with the screen ripped and hanging off the door and the window was not much better. How you show up is everything. This business did not take time to fix their own screens, so as a customer, how could I trust that I would be cared for?

Thanks to: Charmaine Hammond of Hammond International Inc.

The Biggest Marketing Mistake

When I consult business owners about their marketing, the biggest mistake I find that they make is in not tracking the Return On Investment (ROI) for each marketing campaign.

What ends up happening is that when business slows down, they cut their entire marketing budget as a way to "right the ship". This causes business to slow even further.

Without tracking and knowing the exact ROI on each marketing campaign, they are making what I believe is the first, and often the biggest, marketing mistake.

Thanks to: Jay Estis of Massive Results Marketing.

Make a Lasting 1st Impression

The biggest marketing mistake I see is people who don’t take spelling and grammar seriously. For example, if you’re going to take the time to put your marketing message in an email blast, brochure, advertisement, or PowerPoint presentation – make sure it’s proofed carefully! A glaring spelling error or punctuation placed outside of your quotation marks may be all it takes to turn off a potential client who sees you as less than careful and therefore unprofessional.

Thanks to: Kristy Stevenson of Kristy Stevenson, Writing & Editing.

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