Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Post Card Marketing: Good Idea - Bad Design

Have a quick look at this post card. Ask yourself two questions as you scan it: What stands out? and What are they selling?

postcard marketing gone bad
I'm a big fan of post card marketing because it is not used enough - so it tends to stand out and it is relatively inexpensive compared to other off line direct marketing. And most of us would rather receive a post card over a letter.

The first question: What stands out? What caught your attention?

Likely the first thing you noticed was "Bil Copeland" in the top left because that is where our eyes start. But who and what is Bil Copeland? Is the name a mis-spelling? And more more importantly, how can he help you?

The next place that catches your attention is the bottom right corner "RockStar".

Perhaps he is a Rockstar or wannabe Rockstar. So what? Why should you care?

Because I'm a marketer, I reread this postcard a few times. My guess is the average recepiant would not invest the same about of time or attention to this confusing postcard.

The mistakes:

No clear benefit to grab attention
Trying to promote two different services on the same postcard
Too much text, Way too much!!!
No clear understanding of what your prospects want
No call to action
No benefits to grab attention
Difficult to read text and way too much
No clear direction of eye movement

It's a colourful postcard - but a lousy marketing piece.

George Torok


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