Thursday, November 17, 2011

Are You Curious? So Are Your Prospects

P T Barnum, marketer, showman

How might you harness curiousity to attract attention?

Tell someone they can't have something and suddenly they want it.

Here's an example from P T Barnum of using both curiousity and umbrage in marketing to grab attention.

This is an excerpt from the book "The Art of Money-Getting" by P T Barnum, published in 1888.


Some men have a peculiar genius for writing a striking advertisement, one that will arrest the attention of the reader at first sight. This fact, of course, gives the advertiser a great advantage. Sometimes a man makes himself popular by an unique sign or a curious display in his window, recently I observed a swing sign extending over the sidewalk in front of a store, on which was the inscription in plain letters,


Of course I did, and so did everybody else, and I learned that the man had made all independence by first attracting the public to his business in that way and then using his customers well afterwards.


Excerpt from "The Art of Money-Getting" by P T Barnum, 1888

How could you use this idea and principle in your marketing?

Tell people to do something that you know they will rebel against.

Make them pass the qualifications before they can continue to the next stage.

Tease them with the hint of what is to come.

Whisper instead of shouting.

Make them wait. (But not too long)

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