Thursday, October 06, 2011

Market to your Peers

Why? The email offered an advertising opportunity to buy an ad in the issue of the magazine that would be distributed at my association convention.

Why would that motivate me to buy an advertisement? Why would I pay to promote my services to 400 of my peers and competition? They aren’t going to buy from me nor promote my services.

It didn’t make sense to me. Yet that was the lead point in this sales message. It turned me off quickly.

Your first point in any marketing literature or sales letter should be your strongest point. You want to grab your prospects quickly and get them to buy.

You don’t want your first point to offend your audience by appearing frivolous or ridiculous.

Always lead with your strength and preferably a success story.

I have asked this magazine sales rep for a success story and she had none. Instead she chronicled an imagined scenario that was based on her fantasy. But that’s another story.

The closing message in this promotion was:

"Be the envy of all your peers and be in the convention issue as its distributed at the upcoming conference."

That's a clever appeal to pride. Appeal to emotions especially when you can't compete on substance.

Be clear on who you are marketing to and why.

George Torok
Marketing Speaker


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