Saturday, October 29, 2011

Deception is Normal

Is deception normal in your industry?

The menu listed the wines available with dinner. My wife selected a glass of wine while I chose a beer.

The meal was delicious and the service was prompt and friendly.

But, when we received the bill we noticed that the charge for the wine was double what we expected.

Naturally we asked for a correction.

The waiter “explained” (in a haughty tone) that the price shown in the menu was for one deci litre but it was common practice to serve two deci litres.

He suggested that if you only wanted one deci litre you should have asked for that.

We pointed out that that we were not aware of this practice and not given a choice - and that practice seemed deceptive.

He responded, “That is normal” with a dismissive wave and a shrug.

Apparently it was normal to deceive the customer. Instead of remembering the delicious meal, enchanting setting and attentive service we remember being deceived.

George Torok


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