Monday, July 04, 2011


Publish and you will prosper.
Writing and publishing your words can be an effective way to market yourself. These days it is so easy publish. You don’t need to write a book to be published. It could be as easy as publishing articles on your blog, FaceBook or the article directory sites.

Publish to position yourself as an expert.
Even though it is so easy to publish – many are still unpublished. That means we respect those who are published. Being published suggests that you have expertise. That might mean knowledge, experience or simply opinion. The three of those together qualify you as an expert. Consider that there are very few experts who are unpublished.

Publish to enhance your perceived value.
The ability to write is a valued skill. In order to be published you must first develop your writing skills. If you are published we assume that you have the writing skills. If you have the writing skills but aren’t published then no one knows or appreciates your skill.

Publish to generate leads.
Write and publish enough and you will receive business leads for your service. The more informed you appear, the more practical you sound and the more controversial you seem – the more likely you will generate real business leads with your writing.

Publish to provide additional value to your clients.
Help your clients better understand your product, your service and how those can them. The extra clarification, tips and idea will be appreciated as follow-up added value. Send them the links or print and send hard copy via snail mail.

Publish to think about and explore new ideas and perspectives.
The more you write and publish – the more you will be forced to explore new ideas and add substance to them. In fact a wonderful way to improve your understanding of your topic is simply to write about it. You will need to understand the concepts better to put them into print. If you want to trigger your brain for new articles, just start asking yourself probing questions about the topic.

Go ahead – write and publish.

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Promod Sharma said...

Thanks for this post, George.

Publishing is indeed powerful ... yet resisted. That gives those that do publish a competitive advantage.

You could also replace "publish" with "speak" and get another blog post :)