Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Small Print Does not build Good Relationships

Bell Canada was fined $10 million for their deceptive advertising and excessive use of small print.

The response from the Bell Canada spokesperson was along the line of - well everyone else does the same thing. This is normal in the industry. In other words, we were no better or worse than the others.

Maybe the industry needs to clean up it’s act.

Maybe Bell Canada could decide to be the industry leader by setting new standards of honesty and clarity in advertising.

Maybe the shareholders of Bell will demand repercussions, executive resignations and public floggings.

Maybe the other players will smarten up and leapfrog Bell by coming clean with new and transparent advertising standards.

Maybe new entrants in the industry will mock Bell and position themselves as the honest ones.

Maybe other industries will take note of the fine and realise that we are tired of being lied to.

Are you the same as or better that the other thieves?

George Torok


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