Thursday, May 26, 2011

Marketing is everything you do

Marketing is about sending messages. Think of all the ways you might be sending messages – whether you intend to or not. What could be critical is the unintended messages that you might be sending.

The way you look
Your dress, manner and character say the most about you and your business. It is not so much how you look and sound but more importantly how people feel about how you look and sound.

What message do you want your phones to say about you and your business? Now go check to see what it really says.

Your staff
Your staff is a reflection of you. So if you think that you have ignorant, lazy and sloppy staff – look in the mirror.

Your material
You are not your business card. But if that is all we have – you are that business card – at least in our mind. And what could be more important than the image in the mind your prospects and contacts?

How do people check you out? The Internet. They use their favorite search engine. They might wonder why you are so hard to find. The might wonder why your site is so difficult to navigate. They might wonder why it is so cold.

Check out the messages you might be sending.

George Torok

Marketing Speaker

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