Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Says Who? Not Anonymous Again

Anonymous gets credit for saying many things – both good and bad. But who really knows if any of it is true?

How much faith do you place in anonymous?

If you keep receiving adoring love notes from anonymous at some point you might question the truth of those welcome words.

If you receive customer service complaints from anonymous how serious will you take the complaint?

In a court of law a person must state their name and swear to tell the truth. So when the source is anonymous why would we even consider listening?

Customer testimonials are powerful marketing tools - but only powerful if we know the source. A testimonial from anonymous is highly suspicious. Initials for the name is just a small step above anonymous.

Use a real person's name and your message has personality and becomes more believable. If you want the words to count attach a name to the words. Identify the source or remain quiet.

George Torok

Marketing Author

Business Speaker


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