Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kitchens or Bridges: What are you selling?

Customers don’t care about your internal process – until it goes wrong. Customers don’t care about how many trucks you have until it arrives late. Customers don’t care about the ingredients until they decide they like it.

Concrete FormationsHere is a company that didn’t get it. Guess what this business sells? Not bridges. Not curbs. They sell custom shaped kitchen counter tops.

Who would have guessed that from the company name? When I pointed this out to the business owner he seemed distressed that I didn’t understand him.

He was selling kitchen counter tops that could be shaped as the customer wanted. It would look like marble at much less than the price of marble. But he was a concrete guy.

What might prospects be looking for – in the yellow pages and online? Something about kitchens and customer shaped counter tops. I suggested that he rename his company or product with kitchen counter tops in the title. He looked at me as if I was strange.

If this was an affordable alternative to marble counter tops call it Faus Marble tops.
Looks like marble
I can’t believe it’s not marble
Why pay for marble?
Kitchen counters shaped the way you want
Beautiful counters in your kitchen

Anything but Concrete!

Google “Concrete formations” and you will find bridges not kitchen counter tops.

Google your name and see what you find.

George Torok

Marketing Speaker

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