Thursday, December 23, 2010

Power Marketing Tip 41: Pulling the Emotional Triggers

The Christmas season drives a spending frenzy, especially in North America. Many if not most retailers depend on the Christmas shopping spree to make their year profitable.

What can marketers learn from this buying madness?

The buying is driven by emotions not logic. Most buyers will apply some logic to parts of the shopping process, but without the emotional triggers, Christmas shopping would be a bust.

This buying fever is viral. Marketers don’t need to convince people to spend money. They simply need to offer choices for how to spend money. That’s a much easier marketing task. Instead of shouting “spend your money” retailers simply need to sing “if you’re going to spend it, you might as well spend it here”.

The predominant mindset of the public is “you have to buy because it’s Christmas”.

The deal killing logic of affordability is often easily sidestepped with the use of credit cards and other “buy now – pay later” plans.

The holidays are a time of many emotional highs and lows. Although love is one of the emotions that fuel the spending and gift-giving, take note of other emotions that contribute strongly to the mix. That might include guilt, pride, greed and fear.

Those emotions are neither good nor bad. They are simply part of what makes us emotional beings. We usually find it easier to see those traits in others.

As marketers, I suggest that you observe the actions of both sellers and buyers. Take note of the approaches that seem to be more successful. Isolate and identify the dominating emotional triggers.

Then analyze your own market. What are the emotional triggers that tend to drive or prevent your prospects from buying from you?

What can you do to enhance or mitigate those triggers?

Think about these questions while you enjoy and witness the Christmas season.

George Torok
Marketing Speaker

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