Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Power Marketing Tip 40: Grab More Attention

Grab more attention

Your marketing must grab attention away from your competition. Everything in marketing is measured against your competition. Nothing else counts. And sometimes your greatest competition is complacency or sameness.

Use these four attention-grabbing pillars in your marketing.



The simplest way to stand out is through contrast. Contrast is the opposite of camouflage. Too many businesses use camouflage marketing. They promote in the same places and manner as the competition. There's no contrast, so prospects don't notice them. Camouflage is good for snipers but disaster for marketers. Contrast yourself from the competition by looking, sounding and acting different.


Conflict is the biggest seller of the news. It's attention grabbing, emotional and graphic. You can inject conflict into your marketing by taking a controversial position. Make an offer that upsets your competition. Issue a challenge that stimulates conversations. Pick an enemy to which you are the conquering hero.


Lighten up! We love to laugh. Make your audience laugh and they will pay attention to and remember your message. There's too much distressing news in our lives. You don't need to offer stand up comedy. You only need to make us smile. Volkswagen is still remembered for the funny advertisements that they ran way back in the 60's and 70's.


How can you connect with your target audience? Speak to their interests. If you don't know their interests - you have some research and thinking to do.

When you talk about issues that your target audience is interested in you immediately grab their interest. Discover what interests your best customers by asking them. For example, if you want to grab my attention, talk about personal marketing, presentation skills, marathon running or motorcycles. Those words immediately attract my attention.

Steal attention away from your competition with these four C's.

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