Thursday, October 21, 2010

Election Signs: Questions & Lessons for Marketers

Do election signs win municipal elections?

And if so what is most important? Number of signs; design; mix of small, medium and large; locations…

How are the results of signs-to-votes measured? Has this ever been studied and reported?

I think there are two types of voters – decided and undecided. The undecided fall into two categories – informed and uninformed.

Are informed voters influenced by election signs? Probably not.

So, what is the impact of lawn signs on uniformed voters?

Do uniformed voters select the name on the last sign they remember? Do they select the name that they saw most often? Do they select the name from the sign on their neighbour’s lawn? Does that depend on the relationship they have with their neigbour?

It seems to me that lawn signs are targeted toward the lowest element – uninformed, disinterested and undecided. Is this the segment that decids the election results and hence our government?

If lawn signs are effective advertising then more businesses should use them. Real estate, roofers, driveway pavers and other home contractors use lawn signs. Why don’t restaurants, dry cleaners, travel agents, lawyers and taxi companies use lawn signs? When you feel like Pizza just check out the neigbours’ lawn signs.
Are lawn signs meant to create 'name familiarity'? If so, then only the challengers need signs. The incumbants are already known - if they have been active in the community during their term of office.

What’s the difference between one sign on a residential lawn versus one at a busy intersection? The intersection get’s more views but it is clearly advertising which we have been trained to ignore. The sign on the home-owners lawn signifies support and likely a vote.

The sign on public property might be seen as urban clutter or litter especially when planted alongside many other candidates’ signs. If your opponent has three signs at an intersection would your case be stronger if you planted five or ten of your signs? Is that what it takes to convince voters?

Watch for more posts and photos about election signs.

George Torok


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