Thursday, October 21, 2010

Election sign SPAM

Hello political candidates. Congratulations and thank you for running for office. Please stop SPAMing us with your "sign farms". It looks and feels like a ugly weed patch.

Permission Marketing
Place a sign on a home owners property. That's permission marketing. That demonstrates the connection that you have with that homeowner. That's strong marketing.

Planting your signs on public property and busy intersections is SPAM. It demonstrates disregard and disrespect for the public especially when you plant a row of your signs. How did you decide to plant your signs there? Because others were there? That hardly demonstrates leadership or differentiation. That is Barketing. You're just trying to bark louder that the rest.

Curious that no one has knocked on my door to talk with me during this campaign. We're in most days. The election is only four days away.

PS: Watch for my review of the lawn signs. It might not be pretty.

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