Monday, September 27, 2010

Please Don’t Lie to Us

Let’s make something clear.

Marketing is not a license to lie.

Just because you are marketing does not mean you can twist or misrepresent the truth. Marketers should tell the truth and tell it well.

Marketing is about presenting your message in the most positive way. But it does not mean that you can lie. You can describe the glass as half full instead of half empty – but not overflowing.

Marketing is about telling your real story. The more warts in your story the more believable it is.

Please don’t tell us that you are number one – if you are not.

Are you claiming to be:

The best!
Number one in the country!
The world’s greatest!

Who says so? Can you prove it?

Don’t say those things unless you can back it up. And be sure to back it up. If you were voted number one by the community paper then state that. Don’t claim to be the nation’s number one.

AVIS is number two and they try harder.

Don’t lie. It’s bad for you. It gives marketers a bad name. And your mother would not be proud.

George Torok

Marketing Expert & Author

Secrets of Power Marketing



walterbayliss said...

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Anonymous said...

my half-empty glasses always overflow! (and i just inherited a bunch of money from a king, just send me $200 and you'll get $10000!)

HA, good post - now, how does a truthful marketer push back against the execs?

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