Monday, September 27, 2010

Did you apologize?

I didn't hear an apology. Perhaps I missed it.

You said that you would visit yesterday. You didn’t show. You didn’t call. We wondered if we missed you during the 15 minutes that we were out.

You didn’t show up and you didn’t call.

You showed up today and we were not expecting you. The one you wanted to see was out for the day. We weren’t expecting you today.

Yet you insisted that you were expected. Yes, you were expected - yesterday.

Your comment was, “I couldn’t make it.”

And… I waited for it – your apology. You didn't say it. I would have been so easy for you and helped you heal the harm you did.

There was no apology for failing to make your commitment and now we aren't interested in dealing with you. How could we?

George Torok

Personal Marketing

Marketing Speaker


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