Thursday, August 12, 2010

Flight Attendant Meltdown and Quits Job

How a marketer sees the Jet Blue Flight Attendant thing…

Right or wrong, the publicity surrounding the Jet Blue flight attendant who quit his job seemed to hit a public nerve. His recent “celebrity” status might get some marketers thinking.

The flight attendant grabbed two cans of beer before leaving the plane. What brand of beer was it? Must have been very good beer. Did he drink the beer? Did he mention “beer” in his tirade? Perhaps there is a beer advertisement in this. Perhaps “grabbing a couple beers and taking the slide” can become a new metaphor.

Hate and Pain
If that many people thought this guy was a hero – there are a lot of hurting people out there. And hurting people buy things that relieve their pain. How can we learn more about their pain? Why do they hate their job? What do they hate their customers? How can we rip the bandage off and expose the pain? What product or service can we sell to them?

Demanding Customers
Are customers becoming more demanding? If so why? How can we offer targeted services to these more demanding customers at a higher price? Is there segmentation in service delivery that we can leverage?

Job Stress
Are service deliveres experiencing more stress in their jobs? Do they need better tools, training and support? What product or service might satisfy this need? What industries have the highest level of stress? What ideas and lessons can we take from those?

Hiring Staff
Are companies making mistakes in the selection of staff? Are managers missing warning signs of “Postal” behavior? Why? What products or services could predict, prevent or mitigate these incidents?

Every crisis offers opportunity. Smart marketers look for the opportunities and lessons.

George Torok

Executive Briefing


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